You are not prepared!!

Or, well, maybe we are as we were told the Legion was returning a while ago and they didn’t really have a surprise attack with all those big spaceships they arrived in (seriously though, spaceships for demons???)

Frantic levelling has taken place over the last 2 weeks and many Guildies now have more L100 alts than they know what to do with (or have discovered that they need to do the starting quest chain on each alt *cough* Mornedhel, silly NElf). The invasions are over, dropping out of the sky repeatedly to gain random pamphlets is a thing of the past as is trying to survive the curiously massive range of AoE the demon lords had. The Legion has arrived, the Alliance have a new King, the Horde are considered traitors and Karazhan is back in the mix.

All rejoice and enjoy!

Are you prepared?

Draenor is open!!! (as long as you don’t use a Mac)

So, after waiting for what seems like forever for the new expansion it is finally here and members of Fallen Shadow joined 90% of the server (along with 90% of all the other servers we’re phased with) to stand outside the darkly swirling red portal until the magic hour arrived.


There was utter chaos for a while, a new quest was auto given and all we had to do was find Archmage Khadgar.  He was in the middle of a lot of people and the screen swirled blue with name tags with Khadgar missing somewhere under the crush – he then seemed to grow several feet and suddenly his head was above the crowd and we could talk to him.

Once the servers caught up with what we wanted (laaag) we were told to enter the portal and stop the invasion, one fairly good cut scene later and we were in Draenor facing the Iron Horde and ready to begin the next chapter of the Guild.

Celestial Pets

When Timeless Isle was released we were all pretty happy, lots of shiny loot, ways to gear alts, stuff to do and see.  Pet collectors were oooing and ahhing at the plethora of new pets on offer from the various mobs on the Isle and for the chance to test our battle skills (and teams) in the Celestial Tournament, where we even got a chance to earn baby Celestials as rewards for showing how fab we were.  This tournament was not for the faint hearted, Blizzard reckoned you needed 15 max level pets to enter and stand a chance – I think they were dreaming on that one as I’ve definitely needed more than 15.  Each time you won the tournament you got a token and after 3 wins you could buy a Celestial pet as a reward.  If lucky this would only take you 9 weeks (first week earned 3 coins in an extra quest so you get a pet first go).  If not, well it would take a while of pet hunting and levelling to get the best combination – and even then it wasn’t guaranteed.

Still some of us have perservered and a couple of weeks back our determintation was rewarded with the final win and the achievement:

Celestial achievementAnd of course all four celestials as pets.


Not an easy task but it was fun.  Posts on how this was achieved, the pets used and tactics followed will be made so you can try for yourself, but for now I am very happy I can take a break from this very nerve wracking and, at times, frustrating tournament.

There be dragons here

For a little while now quite a few of us have been wanting to complete some dungeon achievements, so seeing as the current content has gone quiet whlst people take breaks and prepare for the new expansion we decided to go and see what we could do.  Having checked through our lists of meta-achievements we decided to have a go at completing everything for Glory of the Cataclysm Hero.   Not only did this mean we would hopefully get to see a few places we’d not been for a while and potentially get a new dragon, but that we also got to receive that most difficult of achievements:


Unfortunately Qubesca failed in this as he got lost trying to find the Maelstrom and the entrance to Throne of Tides.  Enaid nearly missed out too on the way to the Deadmines entrance but she managed to find her way there after 20 minutes of wandering in circles n the outer part of the mine area.  Still, we decided we weren’t as bad as Zirax at finding his way round so we all felt a bit better.

We felt a lot better when later that evening, after visiting 5 of the Cataclysm dungeons using lots of ‘hearth to Seven Shrines, portal to Stormwing, pick a portal to a Cataclysm zone’ Mornedhel, Raynestorm and Enaid were successful in completing the meta achievements and getting their Reins of the Volcanic Stone Drake .  Qubesca isn’t far off finishing either and another night of achievement hunting should see him finished.  So, after that successful evening we will go and do more of these. Cataclysm and Wrath of the Lich King where needed, Mists of Pandaria too for a slight challenge and attempts at the raid achievements as and when folks want to go.

Glory of the Cataclysm Hero

Glory of the Cataclysm Hero

Onwards and upwards

Well, we’ve really been getting stuck into this last patch of Mists with new members joining us and new challenges being overcome.  We’ve made progress with the Siege of Orgrimmar and completed part 2 of the raid on Flexible difficulty whilst also having a stab on normal difficulty when we have 10 Guild players, we even made progress there.  Congrats to all who have come along and made it so much fun, and thanks to all the randoms we’ve picked up along the way who’ve managed to cope with us!

Galakras Siege

Shaman General_Nazgrm


Soooo, it’s been a while since we’ve said much of anything on this blog but we’re getting going again after a fairly long quiet period and just to prove that we’re still having some fun we went off to the Siege of Orgrimmar to see what was going on.

Well, it’s been going fairly well.  We’re running Flex raids and getting as many people in the Guild involved as possible, no more of that waiting in the wings like before when we were limited to 10.  So far, with some PuG people and some variety of Guild members we’ve had some success with the first 3 bosses down and Sha of Pride almost there.  Thanks to everyone who came along, we’re not the fasest Guild going to get trhough this content but we do get there at a pace that’s usually fun – looking forward to getting the Sha and seeing the next wing!

WoWScrnShot_100913_205055 WoWScrnShot_101613_214355

Guild Meet 2013

So, the annual Guild Meet looked at first like it wouldn’t happen but then a date was a set, a place was chosen and off we went!

The setting for this year was Alton Towers them park, where the first of these gatherings had taken place and the immortal words ‘choo, choo’ had first been heard in the most innuendous tone we’d heard when referring to a tame rollercoaster ride (if you have no idea what I’m talking about look up the Runaway Mine train on You Tube, trust me).  At the meet this year were Liz, Para, Steve, Di, Simon, Curg, Emma and Tony – unfortunately some were a bit camera shy and the best group shot I got only had 3 people in it – Yes, I’m rubbish at photos.

20130914_134513 20130914_152324 20130914_152259
Top left: Para, Emma and Liz ; Top right: Steve, Para and Simon (back to everyone); Bottom: Tony and Siren (apologies if I spell that wrong)

The Skyride (as seen above) was about the only ride we got Curg to go on, we did manage to get him on Hex but he decided Thirteen was too much for him so he stayed back to hold Tony’s hand, who also thought it was too scarey.  Much fun was had and Tony eventually went on Air – as did Steve, Para and Simon.  We were lucky enough to grab a photo of them as they went past an observing point


The following day, after much food and drink at the local pub, several of us returned to Alton Towers to try a few rides we’d mssed the day before.  Even though it rained, a lot, we had fun and we even managed to get Emma (who hates rollercoasters) on the Sonic Spinball.

20130915_122940 20130915_122951
And off they go!

Now, this ride is in the kiddies part of the park, we felt that it shuld therefore be a fairly tame ride seeing it was mostly for little people.  How wrong can you be?  As the carriage goes around the rollercoaster on it’s vertical twists and turns it also spins depending on which way gravity is pulling it at the time – much like a pinball!  Emma was clearly a bt shaken when she came off the ride – although she couldn’t stop giggling for some reason


Needless to say, a good time was had by all and we even managed to get some new pets from the Galloping Gargoyles race!

More bugs and an angry troll

So, not long after getting our Garalon kill with the help of a big can of bug spray from Truvox we went back to Heart of Fear to see what would happen when we said hello to Wind Lord Mel’jarak and to see if he would point us in the direction of the Empress so we could introduce ourselves.  He didn’t take very kindly to our polite introduction (we blame the gnomes) so we had to use the bug spray on him too.

Dead bug!

Dead bug!


After this we thought we’d go and have a word with those trolls which are running round and see if we could get them to stop causing so much trouble. Again, they weren’t really happy to see us and we had to fight back. The bug spray wasn’t as sueful here so we just threw the Death Knight’s at him until he gave up.


Congratulations to all who came along to these, more bugs and trolls to play with still – and dinosaurs too!


So, we’ve been looking at the big bug in Heart of Fear for a while now and wondering how much bug spray we actually need to get rid of him, or if there’s some other way we can persuade him to give us the shiny loot he has.  We did try the option of sacrificing a warlock but that didn’t seem to help as Garalon just ate the rest of us anyway.  Eventually though, with a little persuasion we managed to get the big bug squished.

Congratulations to everyone that was there, and all those who’ve been trying to get this bug down for the last few weeks.  Onwards to even more bugs!

Pocket Dragon

We’ve been busy, sweeping up the vaults after the mogu for the last few weeks as well as playing with the first 3 bosses in heart of fear. Tonight we got lucky with Elegon, when he dropped a pocket dragon and I got lucky with the dice this time, hopefully this won’t be the last one we see.

Pocket Elegon