Celestial Pets

When Timeless Isle was released we were all pretty happy, lots of shiny loot, ways to gear alts, stuff to do and see.  Pet collectors were oooing and ahhing at the plethora of new pets on offer from the various mobs on the Isle and for the chance to test our battle skills (and teams) in the Celestial Tournament, where we even got a chance to earn baby Celestials as rewards for showing how fab we were.  This tournament was not for the faint hearted, Blizzard reckoned you needed 15 max level pets to enter and stand a chance – I think they were dreaming on that one as I’ve definitely needed more than 15.  Each time you won the tournament you got a token and after 3 wins you could buy a Celestial pet as a reward.  If lucky this would only take you 9 weeks (first week earned 3 coins in an extra quest so you get a pet first go).  If not, well it would take a while of pet hunting and levelling to get the best combination – and even then it wasn’t guaranteed.

Still some of us have perservered and a couple of weeks back our determintation was rewarded with the final win and the achievement:

Celestial achievementAnd of course all four celestials as pets.


Not an easy task but it was fun.  Posts on how this was achieved, the pets used and tactics followed will be made so you can try for yourself, but for now I am very happy I can take a break from this very nerve wracking and, at times, frustrating tournament.

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