Do onto others as you expect them to do unto you. Or something like that.

Try to remember you have the Fallen Shadow name attached to your character when interacting with other players. It would be rather naff to find the whole guild being tarnished by the poor actions of one or two members. Hopefully we are all able to not spam annoying childish nonsense into channels, please be mindful of others and their thoughts and feelings. People taking things too far will soon find themselves without a lovely Fallen Shadow guild tag.

Taking a Break
From time to time we need to take a break frm the game, either because of work or family committments or just because we need to stop and do something different for a bit.  We understand that these things happen, all we ask is that you let us know that you’re planning an extended break and that you plan on coming back eventually.  It helps us manage the Guild a lot more effectively that way and means we don’t kick you out after 6 months (see Conduct page).

Leaving the Guild
We understand that people may wish to leave the guild with one or all of their characters to experience other aspects of the game, such as a more hardcore raiding experience.
If you are applying to join another guild, and therefore plan to leave our guild imminently, please be kind enough to let an officer know before attending any raids.
If you do leave and then decide you’ve made a mistake, we don’t mind that you wanted to try something different and you can usually come back. This is however dependent on the manner of your leaving.