Draenor is open!!! (as long as you don’t use a Mac)

So, after waiting for what seems like forever for the new expansion it is finally here and members of Fallen Shadow joined 90% of the server (along with 90% of all the other servers we’re phased with) to stand outside the darkly swirling red portal until the magic hour arrived.


There was utter chaos for a while, a new quest was auto given and all we had to do was find Archmage Khadgar.  He was in the middle of a lot of people and the screen swirled blue with name tags with Khadgar missing somewhere under the crush – he then seemed to grow several feet and suddenly his head was above the crowd and we could talk to him.

Once the servers caught up with what we wanted (laaag) we were told to enter the portal and stop the invasion, one fairly good cut scene later and we were in Draenor facing the Iron Horde and ready to begin the next chapter of the Guild.

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