Guild Information

Welcome to the home of Fallen Shadow, a casual Alliance guild on Shadowsong-EU made up of a bunch of likeable yet generally crazy people who play the game for fun. We’re mostly an over 18’s Guild, but that doesn’t mean we don’t welcome younger players, and we highlight the fun that can be had in raids, instances and Guild events whilst not being too worried about the speed of progress or the colour of the loot.

We’re an English speaking Guild and the majority of our players are from the UK but we do have players from various places in Europe, which can provide some entertaining conversations (especially about food if you talk to the Italians). Above all we’re a social Guild and we welcome applications from players of all experiences and levels from max level peeps looking for a relaxed atmosphere and fun raiding to relative newcomers to the game looking for some advice and fun along the way.

There’s lots of information about the Guild and how we operate in the various pages on the site, it’s strongly recommended that you read this information if you wnt to join us as it will let you know a bit more about who we are and what we’re about. If you want to join us then please post an application in the Recruitment section of the forum.