Guild Meet 2013

So, the annual Guild Meet looked at first like it wouldn’t happen but then a date was a set, a place was chosen and off we went!

The setting for this year was Alton Towers them park, where the first of these gatherings had taken place and the immortal words ‘choo, choo’ had first been heard in the most innuendous tone we’d heard when referring to a tame rollercoaster ride (if you have no idea what I’m talking about look up the Runaway Mine train on You Tube, trust me).  At the meet this year were Liz, Para, Steve, Di, Simon, Curg, Emma and Tony – unfortunately some were a bit camera shy and the best group shot I got only had 3 people in it – Yes, I’m rubbish at photos.

20130914_134513 20130914_152324 20130914_152259
Top left: Para, Emma and Liz ; Top right: Steve, Para and Simon (back to everyone); Bottom: Tony and Siren (apologies if I spell that wrong)

The Skyride (as seen above) was about the only ride we got Curg to go on, we did manage to get him on Hex but he decided Thirteen was too much for him so he stayed back to hold Tony’s hand, who also thought it was too scarey.  Much fun was had and Tony eventually went on Air – as did Steve, Para and Simon.  We were lucky enough to grab a photo of them as they went past an observing point


The following day, after much food and drink at the local pub, several of us returned to Alton Towers to try a few rides we’d mssed the day before.  Even though it rained, a lot, we had fun and we even managed to get Emma (who hates rollercoasters) on the Sonic Spinball.

20130915_122940 20130915_122951
And off they go!

Now, this ride is in the kiddies part of the park, we felt that it shuld therefore be a fairly tame ride seeing it was mostly for little people.  How wrong can you be?  As the carriage goes around the rollercoaster on it’s vertical twists and turns it also spins depending on which way gravity is pulling it at the time – much like a pinball!  Emma was clearly a bt shaken when she came off the ride – although she couldn’t stop giggling for some reason


Needless to say, a good time was had by all and we even managed to get some new pets from the Galloping Gargoyles race!

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