More bugs and an angry troll

So, not long after getting our Garalon kill with the help of a big can of bug spray from Truvox we went back to Heart of Fear to see what would happen when we said hello to Wind Lord Mel’jarak and to see if he would point us in the direction of the Empress so we could introduce ourselves.  He didn’t take very kindly to our polite introduction (we blame the gnomes) so we had to use the bug spray on him too.

Dead bug!

Dead bug!


After this we thought we’d go and have a word with those trolls which are running round and see if we could get them to stop causing so much trouble. Again, they weren’t really happy to see us and we had to fight back. The bug spray wasn’t as sueful here so we just threw the Death Knight’s at him until he gave up.


Congratulations to all who came along to these, more bugs and trolls to play with still – and dinosaurs too!

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