So, we’ve been looking at the big bug in Heart of Fear for a while now and wondering how much bug spray we actually need to get rid of him, or if there’s some other way we can persuade him to give us the shiny loot he has.  We did try the option of sacrificing a warlock but that didn’t seem to help as Garalon just ate the rest of us anyway.  Eventually though, with a little persuasion we managed to get the big bug squished.

Congratulations to everyone that was there, and all those who’ve been trying to get this bug down for the last few weeks.  Onwards to even more bugs!

Pocket Dragon

We’ve been busy, sweeping up the vaults after the mogu for the last few weeks as well as playing with the first 3 bosses in heart of fear. Tonight we got lucky with Elegon, when he dropped a pocket dragon and I got lucky with the dice this time, hopefully this won’t be the last one we see.

Pocket Elegon

Did someone call pest control?

A couple of weeks late in reporting the first one of these but we’ve been in HoF swatting some big bugs and getting squished by some bigger ones.

Congratulations to all those present on both weeks



Now for Garalon, where did we put that double decker bus size can of bug spray?

Guild Pet Day 2013

FS invites you all to a Guild Pet Battle Day : January 20th at 14:00 –
A casual few hours where we can lvl up pets – fight – visit Pet Battle Trainers together, hunt for rare pets etc.
But most of all have some fun : We could meet up in Elwynn Forest –  Happy New Year Shadows ..


Merry Christmas!

FS_Christmas_2012Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all our Guild Members and their families.  It’s been a pretty good year with the Guild completing the content of the Cataclysm expansion and making strides into the Mists of Pandaria, even a few of those who were unsure to start with have found they are enjoying the expansion and some of the new features (looks at a certain paladin who said he hated the idea of pet battles).  We’ve made a lot of new friends along the way, a few have left to do other things and we’ve got other members taking slightly enforced leave time as they study overseas in the US and Canada – although we still do see Henna and Felisin online when it’s 3am their time.

Lucky Dip Presents in Guild Bank

In order to celebrate this time of year, and because we thought it would be nice to do, we thought we would run a Christmas themed Guild Event where there were some interesting and nice presents to be won.  So, you will find that there is now a Christmas tab in the Guild Bank and, as we’re not allowed to put wrapped presents in it, there are 25 plain letters.  Each letter contains a unique code which will win you a present.  Only one letter can be taken from the bank per Guild Member  – by this I mean those with Member + and Member status can select a letter, alts cannot.  Please only take one letter over the time the tab is open to you, this means as many people as possible will get a chance to win something.


The tab will open for withdrawals until New Year’s Eve, or until all the letters are gone.  Once the tab is closed we will ask you to send us your code and we will send you your present.  You can probably forward the letter on to either Steve or I and we can sort it out or you can PM us the code.
So, what have we got for gifts this year?  Well under the Fallen Shadow tree this year are:

Sapphire Panther Panther Cub Clockwork Rocket Bot Tranquil Mechanical Yeti
Magic Lamp Proto Drake Whelp Chi-ji Kite x2 Yu-lon Kite
Darting Hatchling Elementium Geode White Kitten Lunar Lantern
Rich Purple Silk Shirt x 2 Diamond Tipped Cane Orb of Deception x2 Admiral’s hat
Festival Dress Draenic Silk Robes Embersilk Bag (22 slot bag) x4

Big purple fiery birds of doom

In addition to exploring the new raids through normal and LFR as a guild, we’ve been going back and taking on some of the achievements and HC modes from the Cata raids, first up for a serious push has been Firelands, we’ve managed to get a good number of people through the whole achievement and here are some of the firebirds to show for it – Dragon Soul work in progress.


Into the vaults

So we’ve not been completely idle since we arrived in pandaland, we’ve been tackling Mogu Vaults the first raid available to us.

After a couple of weeks practice and getting people’s gear raid ready, we took down the stone guards and feng in one night, the next week we added the spirit binder guy as well. Looking forward to having more to report.

Congratulations to all those present both resets.

Feng_Cropped SpiritBinder_Cropped StoneGuard_Cropped