Raids are fun, lots of shiny loot, a good few giggles and some challenge.  To maximise on all those plus points a few guidelines and rules however should be adhered to. If we follow these we should have a nice easy good raid (hopefully).

We’ve yet to get set raiding in Legion but are planning to do so. Please keep an eye on the in game calendar for days and times of raids. As we are a small guild we will probably run raids on Flex mode but this will be determined at start of raid when numbers are known.

Raids are NOT compulsary, if you want to loiter in /g and chat to people that’s fine, however if you want to raid please make sure you are signed up on the in game calendar.  Please try to sign up as early as you can for a raid, it helps people plan their time better and we can soon see if a raid is a go or not.

Characters who are not felt to be appropriately geared for the run will be asked to work on their gear and apply again.  There are some minimum requirements of gear level and DPS output (if appropriate) that we ask people to meet before signing for a raid.  Please make sure you meet these minimum requirements as it is very difficult mid-raid to sort out problems if someone isn’t quite ready.  Raids are a team based activity and we’re only as good as the members we’ve got, please remember that if you’re not quite up to the raid then realistically we’ll be 9 manning it rather than 10 manning and this puts additional strain on what should be a fun activity, particularly if we’re in what is classed as a ‘progress raid’ for the Guild.

Please try and be on-line, repaired and have any mats you need for the raid, also ensure you have some snacks and drinks as you require. Breaks will need to be called, but these are better planned breaks after nailing a boss rather than part way through a time limited run through trash mobs. If you are going to be late, please try and let someone know (ideally the raid leader). If you are not on-line and there has been no communication to say why 10 minutes after the raid start time you will potentially loose your place.

Group not full
In the eventuality that the raid is missing some players and spaces are available, it is the responsibility and decision of the Raid Leader to fill those spaces.  If you know of someone who would like to go, mention them to the Raid Leader, DO NOT invite that person to the raid UNLESS the Raid Leader has asked you to do so.  The Raid Leader must make decisions on the raid make-up that they feel will best suit with who is available, therefore the decision on who is invited is up-to them.

It may be nice to get to run with your friends, however it just leads to ill feelings and tensions if they turn up unexpectedly and find they actually do not have a place, this adds pressure on the Raid Leader/Assistants and also quite likely yourself. If the raid is short a particular class please DO NOT volunteer before the raid leader has asked, we also ask that you don’t text/phone/IM friends from the guild who haven’t signed up to get online to come with us UNLESS an officer has asked you to.

Simple rule to remember, mention your suggestion/recommendation to the Raid Leader, they then will make a decision. If they do not invite your suggested player, it is their choice.

Raid roles
Before we start raiding a new tier of content we ask all members of the Guild who are planning on raiding to reply to a forum thread indicating which character they will be using and what role that character will play. If you have an offspec which is also raid ready this is useful to know as we may need to ask you to switch roles on occasion to allow a raid to go ahead. On very rare occasions we may ask for an appropriately geared alt to come to the raid to help it go ahead, it’s helpful to know who has alts that are raid ready but it’s not something we do often in progress raids. We ask that only one character is put forwards as this means we make better progress only gearing up one character at a time, it’s not helpful to switch characters just because one has all the loot from the Raid it’s going to get and you feel like a change; particulalry when in a progress raid and when stuck on one particular boss – in these instances we need the best geared and most up to date team. This is common sense I hope.

As mentioned we may on occasion ask you to switch roles for a raid, ONLY Officers or Raid Leaders may ask you to change spec or switch to an alt for a raid, changing spec or character for any other reason will remove your right to bid on that loot.

In the event that an officer is asking for someone to make a change to permit a raid to occur, this will be communicated in the guild chat channel to allow everyone visibility of this.

In order to attend a raid with Fallen Shadow, we require that you are geared for that particular raid. Just getting to max level and wanting to kill the end boss for example will not only be difficult for you, but could easily make the attempt a lot harder for whoever else is in the raid, simply because you are not ready for it yet. In order to attend our raids we request that the majority of your gear is appropriately enchanted and socketed and of an appropriate level. If you need advice on your gear, feel free to ask n the forum or in game, there’s usually a lot of helpful people arund who know something about each of the classes, and perhaps have a look at Be Imba, WoW Heroes or a similar website with gear upgrade suggestions.

To be fully prepared for a raid you should also stock up on relevant potions, buff food and possible weapon buffs, to at least use these on bosses that aren’t currently fully on farm, to help out the overall performance of the raid.

Raids require the whole group to work together as a team. Therefore certain raid mods are REQUIRED to raid with Fallen Shadow. Without these mods it makes the Raid Leaders life more difficult and can cause the odd wipe or two, which as you can imagine with a large raid affects a large number of people and their gold balance.

So please ensure you have installed and up-to-date versions of :
Deadly Boss Mods (DBM) OR Bigwigs

Other useful addons are:
GTFO (tells you when you’re stood in stuff you shouldn’t be)
Recount (DPS meters giving you all sorts of inf on what missed, what hit etc)

If you need help in finding these mods or want more info, feel free to ask or have a look in the ‘Mods’ forum.

When you have a bunch of angry mobs charging around and making a mess of things, it’s not always possible to ignore them eating your face in order to compose a polite request for assistance to post to the raid channel. Screaming “AARRRGGGHH” on voice comms however is a doddle and probably what you will be doing anyway. For this purpose we use Teamspeak, all raiders are expected to be on teamspeak and in the correct channel for the raid. If you are feeling shy, you don’t have to speak, but be able to listen. I’ts a sure fire way to find out that a priest is unable to apply a needed shackle, or that the lock who was controlling that mob has passed on. Please see the relevant section for more details of where to get Teamspeak and our server details.

At several points in a raid it may be required to have silence from the raid. This is usually to allow the Raid Leader to explain tactics, allocate tasks etc. Having 10 voices in the night chip in their 2p isn’t helpful, especially as not everyone is a native English speaker. Please, when adding to a conversation remember there is approx. a 1 second lag on what you say getting to the person you are talking to, so it is very easy for what you say to obliterate someone else. If during an explanation of tactics over TS you think you have something to add, please mention this via text in /ra. Either someone else will answer your question or the RL will answer the question directly. During pulls, please try to keep the general chit chat to a minimum, the only exception to this should really only be for bosses and trash which are insignificant.

It looks like we’ll be using the personal loot system at least initially in Warlords raids.