Fallen Shadow has a very simple rank structure. It is not in place to make people seem or feel beneath others, we are after all one big team with a common(ish) goal.  Following are descriptions of the various ranks.

If you joined the guild in game but didn’t create an account / application post on the forum, you’ll have this rank. So head on over and make a post to introduce yourself. We clear down inactive characters with this rank on a per character basis (because we don’t know who’s is who’s) and bit more quickly than other ranks.

These are new joiners to the guild. They are in no way a second class member, just someone who is getting to know the rest of us. Initiates have no access to withdraw from the guild bank, but they can request items on the forum and access some repair funds.

Member and Member Auth
This is for regular members of the guild and they have access to all the general areas of the guild bank. These characters form the guild; they are its body, mind and soul. Member Auth is for those with an authenticator – all it means is you have slightly better access to the Guild Bank, apart from that it’s the same as Member

Acolytes are people who help out the Guild by being able to invite new recruits and promote initiates to Member.  They are there to point you to items on the forums you might need and to answer Questions about the Guild and how we work (although most Members should be able to do this too).

Some of these also help organise and run raids, and plan out what we’re doing raiding and event wise as a guild. They are not alone in this as Officers also double up as Raid Leaders, it just means we have more options when raiding.

Officers and Guild Master
These people are the administration of the guild. We are NOT your rulers, we are simply other people who want to play with others and see that illusive content as well. If you have a problem or are struggling, feel free to ask for help. If you are having issues with another member of the guild please raise it to an Officer or the GM and we will try and sort it out. We discuss rules, implement changes and update the website and organise the raids that people like so much.

This rank is for members who have stated they are taking a break but don’t want to leave the Guild.  Anyone who has not been online for 2 months is also marked as inactive.  There’s also some sense to this as we’ve seen a lot of inactive accounts hacked, particularly those without authenticators, and there is nothing we can do about getting Guild Bank items back if an account is hacked.  The owner of the account needs to report it, if they’re inactive this isn’t possible usually.  As an Inactive rank you can talk in Guild Chat but can’t access the bank.

This is all about having fun and getting some achievements out of this Warcraft thing. Please remember that even though the Officers are happy to help, we are not there to solely help other players, we just want to play this game too. We are not running this guild to boost other players nor to organise other players’ game time. If we all remember we are all just here to play and enjoy, we will get along just fine.