If you’d like to join Fallen Shadow then please register on the forum (follow the link at the top of this page). You’ll get an e-mail from asking you to confirm registration. Once you’ve done this then you should be able to see the applications section of the forum, please create a post in this topic, contact an Officer or Acolyte in game (see below for BattleTags) or do both Smile.  An Officer or Acolyte will respond and then talk to you in game to answer any questions you may have and invite you to the Guild.  Once you’ve joined the Guild then we do ask that you do register on the forum and post a little introduction about who you are, this is so the rest of the Guild can get to know you and so we can give you access to the rest of the forum and the other interactive bits on the website (i.e. shoutbox, gallery).

Several important points you should be aware of when applying:

  1. You will start off as an initiate, this lasts for about 2 weeks whilst we get to know you and vice versa.  Sometimes it’s a bit longer as we have a bad habitat of not noticing time pass.  Please don’t pester to be upgraded to Member, we’ll get round to it.
  2. Any character which hasn’t been logged on for 2 months will be automatically downgraded to Inactive.
  3. After 6 months of inactivity we will remove the character from the Guild.  This isn’t a reflection on you, we’re just trying to keep the Guild manageble, we’re not really a place to park an unloved alt.  If you do find we’ve removed you from the Guild and you didn’t want to leave then you are more than welcome to come back if you wish.
  4. If you are going to have an extended period of inactivity due to work, life, whatever, then please let an Officer or Acolyte know – this way we won’t remove you from the Guild.


Enaid – diddydi#2244,
Mornedhel – Mornedhel#2929
Truvox – Truvox#1725
Xaila  – Xaila#2506
Zirax – Harlequin#2219