Story so far……..

We’re just over a month into the new expansion and the warm, happy glow of new content, new stories and interesting new mechanics is still with us and hasn’t even been marred by the reappearance of those dreaded fish people – Murlocs.

What we’ve learned so far is that we can indeed be flattened in one swipe by mobs again, Holy priests have a Naa’ru on a stick as a weapon, Balance druids have a fab scythe whilst all frost mages silently weep the loss of Frostscythe of Ahune for transmog, Elemental shaman do seem to have been given a bizarre artifact and Jaina has had a mighty tantrum and gone off in a huff. The graphics look lovely and rich, the new areas to explore are fun and New Dalaran looks a lot like Old Dalaran, just with more people and a slight change to the nearby weather system.

There was some small speculation beforehand on what the storyline would be. After having played a small amount, and having taken part in the Broken Shores quest line, I’ve decided that the devs have taken strong direction from George R.R. Martin and have decided that no character is safe. This isn’t the first time they have rather heavily borrowed from a much loved fantasy film or book, tomb raids and traps, wand battles, pokemon to name but a few, but it does feel like it’s the first time that all characters, beloved or not, may be fair game for a grisly end.

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