You are not prepared!!

Or, well, maybe we are as we were told the Legion was returning a while ago and they didn’t really have a surprise attack with all those big spaceships they arrived in (seriously though, spaceships for demons???)

Frantic levelling has taken place over the last 2 weeks and many Guildies now have more L100 alts than they know what to do with (or have discovered that they need to do the starting quest chain on each alt *cough* Mornedhel, silly NElf). The invasions are over, dropping out of the sky repeatedly to gain random pamphlets is a thing of the past as is trying to survive the curiously massive range of AoE the demon lords had. The Legion has arrived, the Alliance have a new King, the Horde are considered traitors and Karazhan is back in the mix.

All rejoice and enjoy!

Are you prepared?

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